April 15, 2021

New York State Legislature and Governor Cuomo addressed the critical needs of child care businesses and the families who rely on care to work. Through the use of $2.4 billion in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan, New York makes significant investments in early care and education in the FY 2021-2022 Budget.

The new budget will help to stabilize the child care community, provide additional supports for families and begin to address the serious child care deserts that exist in Tompkins and Cortland Counties and around the State. Some key areas include:

 $1.3 Billion in stabilization grants to child care providers
 $100 M to build the supply and capacity of child care
 $25 M for scholarships for Essential Personnel
 $35 M for Quality Rating Systems
 Add slots for Universal PreK
 Address inequities in the child care subsidies

This has been a tough year for child care, states Sue Dale-Hall, CEO of the Child Development Council.

“Parents lost work or were working remotely with children underfoot. Enrollment dropped and the State limited the number of kids in care. Child care lost tuition revenue and most used up what little financial reserves they had. Some relied on credit cards to get them through. Child care was already financially strapped. It will take a while to recover from all this upheaval. “
NYS funds to stabilize the child care system will help them pay for basic operating expenses and new costs associated with the pandemic.

“We have to be mindful that only one in three children have access to child care in Tompkins and Cortland Countie. Any efforts to save what we have will be worth it to workers, their employers and our economy. But, we also can’t forget the two out of three children who don’t have quality care. Your voice is needed.”

New York State will listen to public comments on how the federal funds can help families. Public Hearings and written comments will be received beginning May 3. For more information, go to:

According to Dale-Hall, the reconstruction of the child care system, and efforts to add more spaces for families will make it possible for parents to work and our community to have a vibrant economic recovery.



For more information contact:
Sue Dale-Hall, CEO
Child Development Council
(607) 273-0259 office
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