NYS Leaders Support Early Childhood Education

Investment in quality child care is an investment in our future

Parent Fees Circulate in Local Economy

Child care has a multiplier effect. On average, for every dollar spent on child care, an additional dollar is generated elsewhere in the regional economy (2.0 output) and for every new employee in child care, in an additional half job is created in the wider economy (1.5 employment output).  These multiplier effects are due to purchases from other sectors by providers and employees.  (Dr. Mildred Warner, City and Regional Planning, Cornell University)

Employees are able to Work and Be Productive

Businesses Benefit By:

Offering Grants to their Employees

Flexible Work Schedules

Onsite or Near Site Child Care

Purchasing Child Care Slots (so they are there when you are recruiting)

Sponsoring a Child Care Site or making a donation

Supporting the Child Development Council ~ your Child Care Resource and Referral service.

Local and Regional Planning surveys, data and maps are available to you