The Child Development Council has been serving the community since 1967.


JOB TITLE:  Child Care Planner/Developer

STATUS: Part time, with the possibility of full time status by the end of the year

RESPONSIBLE TO: Chief Executive Officer


Bachelor’s degree, plus 4 years of progressively responsible experience.  Graduate studies may be substituted for up to 2 years of experience.  Must have the ability to work effectively with and engage business and community partnerships within Tompkins County.  Ability to communicate effectively is essential.  Knowledge of community planning, real estate development and/or early care and education highly desired.


The Child Care Planner/Developer (CCPD) will implement a new and innovative approach to developing the supply of child care:  By capitalizing on the growth in affordable housing, the Child Care Planner/Developer will influence the availability of housing stock that also meets the regulatory specifications of home-based child care; Through the development of comprehensive supports for the operational side of the business, the Planner will create a set of back-office support services to reduce the demands of child care program management.  This is a multi-year project, which will require the ability to engage in strategic partnerships in the community, write grants and monitor and report on measurable outcomes.


The Built Environment – Remove barriers to entry into the child care system, by making more sites “ready-built” to meet the child care regulations.

  1. Work with local employers and affordable housing developers to encourage private sector participation in building child care sites. Engage affordable housing developers to create first floor apartments, townhouses or duplexes that meet the needs of a home based child care program.  Garner donated and reduced-fee architectural and design models created to be adaptable to a variety of sites, eliminating this as a reoccurring cost.
  2. Assess property ownership options, including the Land Trust model.
  3. Apply for housing and other funding (CDBG, HUD). Explore the opportunity for Community Benefit Agreements or Tax offsets.  Research and incorporate sustainability and environmentally friendly design elements.
  4. Develop a legal framework for the relationship between the child care program, landowner/seller/investor, and the Child Care Network. Define owner/operator relationships and sample lease agreements.

The Operational Environment – Create a group family child care network that includes shared services and back-office support for administrative and business functions.

  1. Research best practices and funding mechanisms for centralized human resources support, including building a group of qualified and cleared substitute teachers; provide technical assistance for hiring practices; recruit volunteers; manage centralized record keeping for substitutes (background checks, applications, training records, etc.).
  2. Create a business model for back-office/shared billing and fee collection system, including monitoring of enrollment and revenue. Identify sources of operating support.
  3. Identify the use of new technologies, such as myMax that allows providers to use voice activated record keeping, such as attendance records, meal patterns, and subsidy claim related data.
  4. Create licensing and business tool kits.
  5. Ensure the use of well-researched sources of shared sustainable energy.

Continuous Improvement -Develop benchmarks and conduct ongoing monitoring, based on best practices to ensure quality of care, engagement of partners and positive financial outcomes. Prepare reports.

Services Coordination

  1. Work closely with county, municipal and workforce planners to coordinate child care development with business and community development.
  2. Coordinate with the staff of the Child Care Resource and Referral program for the delivery of technical assistance, regulatory requirements and compliance; business support services, etc.
  3. Advocate for child care and provider needs with the business and greater community.

General Responsibilities

  1. Attend scheduled meetings of the Council’s staff and periodic board meetings.
  2. Maintain confidentiality in accordance with agency policies; report any potential conflict of interest.
  3. Perform other reasonably related tasks, both at the Council and in the community.
  4. Maintain reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license.

Send resume and cover letter to Child Development Council, 609 West Clinton Street, Ithaca, NY  14850 or electronically to


The Child Development Council is a non-profit organization that relies on the many contributions of the community. Here are several ways you may support the agency through volunteering:

Office Support – We operate a busy office and occasionally have projects that involve general office skills, such as copying, collating, and resource inventory. On the last Wednesday of the month, we need one person to assist in the morning to meet guests and answer telephones.

Social Gathering Organizer – our two home visiting programs for families with infants and toddlers offer social gatherings once or twice a year. These events are often held in the park and food is donated from area businesses.

Student Support, Work Study and Internships – These opportunities are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you have a skill, project or idea to share.

Board of Directors – Members of the Board of Directors are elected volunteers responsible for the governance the agency. Our goal is to maintain a representative group of people, reflecting the needs of our constituencies and the community as a whole.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact the Child Development Council at (607) 273-0259.