A Note to the community about Informal Child Care

The current situation in our community highlights the value of child care providers. Their work is a vital piece of community infrastructure.
Our public health experts are advocating children be kept out of large groups at this time. With many child care programs closing, we recognize the community is scrambling to find alternative child care arrangements. For the health and safety of children, there are legal restrictions to how informal child care arrangements can be structured.
The Child Development Council is your resource for child care information and referrals. We are here to assist families in understanding alternatives to regulated child care. If you are choosing family, friend & neighbor care, there are some general guidelines to understand.
The number of children an individual can provide care for is based on the provider’s relationship to the children, hours, and the location of care.

What does Informal (Unregulated Legal) Child Care look like?
-Providing care in your own home for a maximum of 2 children at a time in addition to your own children
-Providing care for any number of children for less than 3 hours per day
-Providing care in the home of the children
-Providing care for children that are related to you

Care on a regular and substantial basis, for more children than listed above, requires a license or registration from New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

The Child Development Council is developing strategies to match essential personnel (health care workers, emergency responders) to child care options. If you are an essential personnel, you can get in touch with us at info@childdevelopmentcouncil.org or (607)273-0259 for referral services.