Harold’s Square

Ithaca, New York

September 2021
Potential Child Care Center Development

Second Floor Plan Questions

Can a child care center be licensed on the second floor? Is it worth pursuing development of this space?

  • Commercial building on the Ithaca Commons; at the center of the Commons, southwest side
  • Given – 
    1) zoning and building approvals by the City of Ithaca planning board and occupancy certifications by the City of Ithaca Building Department;
    According to Robert Fell-deWalt, Senior Plan Examiner in the Building Department 9/3/2021:
    “I see no issue with the proposed use of the second floor of Harold’s Square as a childcare facility. It must be noted, however, that because the childcare rooms would not be located on a level of exit discharge where there is an exit door directly to the exterior, the Building Code would classify this occupancy as Institutional Group I-4, day care facility. This means there may be more restrictive code requirements that would apply as compared to an Educational Group E day care facility. This is something your architect or engineer would need to review.”
    Looks like it would be limited to preschool: per the link: https://up.codes/viewer/new_york/ibc-2015/chapter/3/use-and-occupancy-classification#305
    305.2 Group E, Day Care Facilities: This group includes buildings and structures or portions thereof occupied by more than five children older than 21/2 years of age who receive educational, supervision or personal care services for fewer than 24 hours per day.”
    2) an architect and/or engineer to develop plans;
    3) a contractor for the center development and administration;
  • According to OCFS regulations, would any space developed for a child care center that has it’s own remote exits and utilizes remote hallways in the building to access the two remote stairwell exits, satisfy basic exit requirements?
    If so, we’ll continue exploring contractors and a design.

Second Floor Plan