Child Care Business Tool Kit

We’re excited you’re interested in opening your own home-based child care program!

Early care and education professionals support children and families during one of the most critical periods of the child’s development.

There are many things to consider, plan for and set up before the children arrive! Children may be your passion, but they come with parents and the business of child care comes with administrative responsibility. When compared with other modes of child care, the startup costs of opening a home-based program are low and the opportunity for monetary and emotional rewards are high. Attention to the details of your business from the start will help save you time in the future.

This Toolkit will help assure you have the tools and resources you need to develop a successful program for children, families and yourself as the operator of a small business. If you are interested in support with business administration, consider joining our Building Access to Child Care Network.

We wish you a long, prosperous and rewarding career as a home-based child care provider!

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