Funded by the Tompkins County Legislature to increase the supply of child care in Tompkins County, Building Access to Child Care (BACC) is working to address the multi-faceted challenges we face as parents, employers and community members due to the challenging gap in the supply of child care that we are experiencing today.

Only one third (1/3) of preschool age children in Tompkins County have access to regulated child care. Workforce demographics are shifting from baby boomers to more parents with young children and the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) reports that there is a significant need for more workers, which will increase this need. WIB and Cornell, the area’s largest employer, report that the lack of child care is one of the biggest hurdles in recruiting workers.

Unfortunately, turnover rates in child care are quite high – marked by low wages and program declines as high as 44% for individual providers offering home based care (Family Day Care or FDC). Recognizing that supply can be impacted most quickly by spurring the development of Group Family Day Care (GFDC), BACC was founded with a vision to influence the design of current affordable housing development to meet home-based child care regulations. BACC supports all types of child care development by increasing awareness of NYS child care regulations and the fundamental value of quality child care to individual children, families and society at large.

The value that the business of child care brings to our entire community is great, and enabling parents to work is just one component. Quality early care and education builds the foundation for a child’s lifelong health, social-emotional well-being and intellectual development. The economic impact of child care boasts returns of over $7 for every $1 spent – it’s even been noted as a better investment than the stock market!

To support an increase in the supply of child care, BACC is piloting a Provider network which offers child care business start up support including an expanded online resource toolkit, on-going business coaching and shared service opportunities to reduce costs of business operation. We are also examining the possibility of developing a substitute caregiver pool.

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